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Naruto Revelation's Grand Re-opening!

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Naruto Revelation's Grand Re-opening! Empty Naruto Revelation's Grand Re-opening!

Post by ModMason on Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:34 pm

Are you looking for a laid back RP site?

Are you hating all the professionalism of all the sites you visit?

Do you like NARUTO?

Well then, you should join.....


This is a non-canon site that focuses on fun more than anything else!

It also includes a new country called "The Land of Rouges" that is a safe haven for any and all rouge ninjas and criminals. But like all places, its not lawless and as long as you behave, you can stay.

And for a limited time, you don't have to start out as a Genin, you can be a Chunin or even a Jonin!

Join Today and LETS HAVE SOME FUN!!!

Also, the Cbox is not all that great, but when we get more members it will be upgraded!

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