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Post by Narora S on Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:58 pm

Site Name: Anime Heaven
Site Link: Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven (Link-Back) 16c5q3s

The many stars in the sky... As beautiful as they are, not all are stars... some are worlds. Worlds with life...

They all either flourish with life...
Anime Heaven (Link-Back) X6n7u1

...or are barren wastelands of nothing but death...
Anime Heaven (Link-Back) V5jvvk

They were at peace for the past few million years. Unknown to them all, there are places in the afterlife.

They was called 'Heaven'...
Anime Heaven (Link-Back) 2ywtohi

...and 'Hell'....
Anime Heaven (Link-Back) Er0chd

These two dimensions existed opposite of each other, and each other existed opposite of the worlds. For years, many of the worlds knew nothing about them, the Angels and Demons.

But now, something has happened. The once peaceful Universe has acted up, in a... hick-up. The worlds that we all know have been sucked into this hick-up, and spat out with almost no life whatsoever... save for a few survivors on each... with time they would recover, but for now, they were left on their own... The angels didn't go back, unless it was to stop demons.

The night sky has gone black... the beautiful stars we once all enjoyed looking at... that saved our lives for thousands of years, countless times... have all gone and left a black abyss of nothingness...

Due to almost all life on the worlds vanishing, Heaven and Hell had gained many warriors and people, strengthening them each greatly. But they were both puzzled as to why this has happened.

Heaven set out to find what had happened, aiming to stop it. Kami behind their every move as they looked and searched.

Hell set out to find what happened, but to control it for themselves. Shinigami had gone power hungry, and now sot to control all of the Afterlife.

Though they searched, they never found it. Five million years passed, and now Heaven and Hell are at ends. One believes that the other is hiding him from them.

As they prepare to go to war, the shortage of Angels and Demons has effected them greatly. The worlds are just recovering from the acts of what ever it was that caused life to vanish... And thus, the populations on the worlds, have not yet reached normality...

Despite this... they still choose to go to war...

What will happen? It may just be all up to you...

What we have:

  • Friendly Staff
  • Simple Stats
  • Unlimited Adventures
  • Powerful Transformations & Techniques
  • Loyal Allies & Terrible Enemies
  • Endless Fun
  • Roleplay based off a Fanfiction Story

What we need:

  • Staffs
  • Members
  • Activity
  • YOU! ^^
  • So Come on and Join in the fun, and become a legend

Narora S

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