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Post by QoI on Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:28 am

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Castlevania: Requiem of Souls Pbucket

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Transylvania is suffering a time of great despair and strain. The year 2013 has only just begun, but the devastated country is still struggling to rebuild what was destroyed and lost during the invasion of the undead the year prior. Julius Belmont and his kin may have been able to quell the invasion, but rogue monsters still wander the wreckage, and Castlevania still stands where it had appeared the summer before, a menace on the horizon, a threat to all survivors, despite the apparent benevolence of current Lord Alucard.

Villagers are uneasy. Alucard claims to have control over the monsters in the castle, but the castle is still a creature of chaos, and the castle is still connected to the Chaos Realm, the place where the undead are born and dwell. Made worse is the hoards of monsters still roaming the region, some left over from the great invasion, some only just having crossed over recently, finding new ways into the cradle of humanity despite Castlevania's gate being cut off and quarantined by Alucard.

So they scrape by, these survivors, these victims. Some want to rebuild. Some want vengeance. Some want to see the monsters who killed their loved ones fall. Some want to see Castlevania crumble to dust, its Lord along with it. Some defend Lord Alucard. Some want to co-exist. Some live in his castle, allies to the Prince of Darkness, hopeful fools yearning for peace between the living and the undead.

Regardless of faction, all sing a requiem of souls, silently or not so silently lamenting those lost in the raids and yearning for a brighter future.

Notable Features

[*]Minimally invasive rules help to foster a more creative environment
[*]Playable species include demons, humans, vampires, and more to help breed a diverse character pool.
[*]Character classes include monster hunters, wizards, necromancers, and more.
[*]Characters may be "good" or "evil" regardless of species to provide a realistic non-black-and-white "grey-line" playing experience.
[*]Players are able to mold and shape the game world of the RP as it rolls forward from its time of birth. For instance, new areas may be added upon user request.
[*]Registering for the RP also grants the player access to a fully-featured forum with sections for single-thread RP, original and fanfiction, and a plethora of OOC boards to become more immersed in the community.

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