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NEW! Community Guidelines Empty NEW! Community Guidelines

Post by Mei Tachibana on Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:24 pm

NEW! Community Guidelines Th_k_atencao Phonic Nation Community Guidelines NEW! Community Guidelines Th_k_atencao

In order to ensure a pleasant site experience for all members, we must enact a set of guidelines for everyone to follow.

Our community guidelines are as follows:

As members of this forum you are expected to be respectful to all members, new and old. Please refrain from starting flame wars, as those quickly turn ugly. All in all, please treat each other kindly and try not to get angry for minor reasons.

The Chat
While things are treated a bit more loosely in the forum chat, we will still expect you to be kind to one another. We have seen instances in the past of members ganging up on newer members, especially if the new users are female.

If this occurs, all users involved (excepting the innocent user/s) will be banned from the site for an indefinite period of time:

  • 2 days for a First Offense
  • 1 week for a Second Offense
  • 1 month for a Third Offense
  • Forever for a Fourth Offense

Here at Phonic Nation, we believe firmly in freedom of speech and expression. However, we do ask that you exercise discretion in what you say, as we do have younger members. Also, you may not use a swear word as an insult toward another member, even if you are only joking. If any of our mods see this, your post will be edited or even deleted, and you will be warned and possibly suspended from the site.

Multiple Accounts
Multiple accounts are not allowed. Anyone caught using multiple accounts could end up getting all of the associated accounts banned. You might note that we can also tell when you use internet proxies as well.

Thank you for reading and please enjoy the site. NEW! Community Guidelines Heart_rosinha

NEW! Community Guidelines Awkwardsig
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