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Post by Yuji on Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:30 am

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Anime Universe
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We Welcome all to Anime Universe

What is Anime Universe?
Anime Universe is a forum based rpg that uses the base ideas of many different animes to make its own universe with each part interacting with each other. We are here to try and make it possible to create almost any character you would like and be capable to play as them. Now every thing on the Site is an original concept helped made by the AU Founder and the staff of Anime Universe. There are very few limitations here on the site so that nearly anything can be made and you can do all that you may want to do.

What is different about Anime Universe?
  • Anime Universe is a multiverse in some sense combining aspects of several animes in one single universe.
  • Anime Universe is a combination of two large continents and and Six Unique Kingdoms.
  • Since Anime Universe is a site based off of many animes there are no canon characters from any animes here.
  • Anime Universe being a multiverse allows a wider range of ideas and allows more role-players to be what they want.
  • The site as well as staff here on this site focus on the efforts of role-players whether a veteran or Roleplaying or totally new to it. While the characters of the site may be vastly different all are governed by levels and experience. Everyone has an equal chance to gain more experience and increase in levels. As well as levels everyone has a chance increase in the sites currency and equipment as well as your characters personal skills and techniques.
  • This site has many systems to help improve the role-players experience one such system is the purchase system which allows the role-players to purchase certain amounts of Stats, Skills, Techniques, and even the in game currency if one wishes too. This allows a person to gain more things to improve their characters besides just leveling up. This allows a wider range of creativity among characters and the level of the character.
  • This site has also made areas which people can free make techniques, items, and even jobs/missions to go on so that there is more to do in the game. This makes it possible for creative people to create whatever they may like and to have jobs/missions to improve on a persons character and add more to ones plot ideas.
  • Lastly the site has a stat system and a combat system to govern a characters abilities and to govern how a person fights. These systems are merely in place to help govern what a character can and can't do while in and out of combat. These systems are not to limit a character, but to increase a role-players skills in role-playing and to make a role-player to be more active and increase on their characters development.

Why join Anime Universe?
  • This site has a lot to offer to all role-players giving more to offer with its form of universe.
  • This site has a very unique stat system that allows a wider range of things a character can do and does not limit a character unless truly needing too.
  • This is a growing community and grants chance to meet many people of all different kinds. This site does not discriminate towards anyone and is open to all people willing to help the Site grow as a better community.
  • It is easy to join up with this site and as long as you continue to role-play in a fun fair manner. The people here can prove to be very interesting and helpful to all members. Our desire to help all our members and even our newer members to reach their goals as a role-player and to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience.
  • Every character can have a plot of there own that can contribute or even change the continuously changing plot. Now Yes there is a main plot, but to suit what is going on in the game the site may change its plot accordingly. This makes it more of a realistic experience since you can't plan out every step of every person. So we need all members to contribute and help making the plot a great story that can change and develop.
  • Use the purchase points you gain to improve your character and even your experience from role-playing to improve your character as well. Create and grow your character in your own ideals through hard work and hopefully gain an unforgettable experience.
  • While activity in character is one of top priorities, this site has a whole lot more to offer role-players. There are many fun activities available here such as the writers, artists, and even the game sections. Many fun times can be had inside the sites chatbox as well as our OOC area allowing open an free discussions of your choice.
  • The most important thing here is to just have fun as a person who enjoys writing and role-playing as well as meeting and interacting with all kinds of people. We all prefer a sense of order here, but what matters to us most is the enjoyment of all our role-players.

New on the Block:
Anime Universe is a new site and has open staff position available to any one requesting to become part of the staff. All request can be sent to any staff member currently on the site.

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