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Post by Guest on Sat Oct 22, 2011 8:43 pm

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Bleach: Dark Chapters is a segment of Bleach history that happened after Aizen had defeated the whole Gotei 13. About 1000 years later; with sheer will, few shinigami stood against him, and eventually prevailed victorious, sealing him away for all eternity. The year is 3000, shinigami forces were forced to rebuild their peaceful homes, establish new captains, and rekindle their flames for protection. Few Arrancar had survived the collision between Shinigami and began to rebuild as well, though not much was uncovered about them, yet. Will you take arms and protect those that need protection, fight the evil that lurks in corrupted souls? Or will you become corrupt? Become Captain and lead your division to new heights; become the hero that you always wished to be! Unlock your destiny in Bleach: Dark Chapters; where anything is possible!
"We have traveled far and have grown tired, but our heart and spirit is more than enough to keep moving." –Rayon

Bleach: Dark Chapters offers a wide variety of things, from RP creation, to writing literature, to sharing your favorite music, to playing forum games! The things you can do are endless, and that is just a taste of what we can bring to you. The administrators on Bleach: Dark Chapters always listen to our members opinions! We put you, the members, before everything else.

Things to look forward to on Bleach: Dark Chapters:
  • We will keep you up to date on the Bleach Manga and offer discussions on the manga, anime, and characters.
  • We offer all the Rukongai districts from the Bleach series you can post in and have a fun time with your friends in.
  • We offer up to 4 divisions to enroll into (the other sets are coming soon) and Hueco Mundo
  • Other activities we offer are; Fanfiction, Literature section, Artwork section, Movies, TV, and Music discussion, Popular manga section, and our Roleplaying section where you can RP anything you desire.

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Post by itabu remichi on Thu Dec 15, 2011 3:00 pm

The site bleach dark chapters has long since died. Play our site instead Very Happy
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